Popcorn Experiment

In science we did a experiment for radiation,convection, and conduction. Radiation is the way heat gets from one thing to another. Convection is when heat is transferred through a liquid or gas. Conduction is when a hot thing touches something with normal heat like a hot stove and a hand. That is something we did in science class this week.

My First Semester Top 20 List

1.The layers of the soil are litter,topsoil,subsoil,weathered bedrock, and bedrock.
2.The layers of the Earth are crust,mantle,outer core, and inner core.
3.The 5 agents of erosion are water,wind,glacier,gravity, and waves.
4.The rock cycle shows that any rock can form into another.
5.There are a lot of laws in geologic time period like law of superposition and law of uniformism.
6.Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of magma or lava.
7.Weathering breaks the rock.
8.Erosion takes the rock away.
9.Deposition drops the rock parts.
10.There are three types of rocks sedimentary,metamorphic, and igneous.
11.There are three types of plate bondaries convergent, divergent, and transform.
12.Pangea is when all the continents were together.
13.Fossils found in Africa were in South America.
14.Renewable energy is like air,water, and wind.
15.Renewable things is something that can be replaced.
16.Energy from the sun is wind, water, oil, and solar.
17.Eras are longer than periods.
18.The 5 agents of chemical weathering is water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, living organisms, and acid precipitation.
19.Relative age is when you compare two things ages.
20.Nonrenewable resources are like coal, soil, and oil.

Last Challenge

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My favorite sport is soccer. Soccer is a great way to exercise and have fun. I been playing soccer since I was 5. Every time I play soccer I always have great friends on my team. That is why soccer is my favorite sport.
My favorite animal is a penguin. Penguins are so cute to me. Penguins can be short tall smooth or fuzzy, I like the short and fuzzy ones the best. I have also pet a penguin before. That is why a penguin is my favorite animal.
My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas because all the presents and I get to spend time with my family. When I go up north (MI) I love the smell of the winter air. I also love to rip of the wrapping paper and see what I got for Christmas. That is why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

My Favorite Color!!!!!!!!!

Theese are my favorite colors blue, green, and orange.

The blue rose is my favorite color of blue and roses are pretty.

The orange IPhone case represents my IPhone.

The yellow soccer ball represents me playing soccer.